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Simple daemon to control fan speed.

Documentation is available at The installation chapter provides install instructions and compatibility informations.


The main executable of this program is the fand-server daemon. There are 3 main modules: server, clientrpi and fanctl. They can be accessed through their respective entry points: fand-server, fand-clientrpi and fanctl. They can also be accessed with fand <module-name>.

A server monitor the hardware and clients connect to it to get data (e.g. fan speed or override a fan speed).

$ fanctl get-rpm shelf1
$ fanctl get-pwm shelf1
$ fanctl set-pwm-override shelf1 100
$ fanctl get-pwm shelf1
$ fanctl get-rpm shelf1


The server module provide a daemon which monitor devices temperatures and find a corresponding fan speed. It listens for connections from clients, and answers to requests.

Fan clients

A client is assigned a shelf and will regularly request the server for the fan speed (percentage). It will then ajust the fan to use this speed.

Clients also send the actual fan speed in RPM to the server. This will allow other client to have access to the data from the server.

Raspberry Pi client

The clientrpi module will connect to a server and get a fan speed from it. It will then set the fan speed with a PWM signal through the GPIO interface of the Pi. It will also tell the server the current real speed of the fans in rpm.

Command-line interface

The fanctl module is a command line interface to interact with the server. It provides commands to get the fan speed and rpm, and also allow to override the fans speed.

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